The EcoSheds Range

Extensive range of sizes and customisation options available

A number of different sized models are available to provide for many uses ranging from a small tool locker or garden shed to a large home workshop, studio or sleep out.

The buildings are delivered in kit set form with assembly instructions and all the necessary fixing components needed to complete the construction of the building. The kit set consists of pre-manufactured wall panels that screw together to form the walls of the building.

A Plywood timber floor, verandah, fixed and opening glass windows and double hinged doors are all available as optional extras. Upon completion, the exterior of the building needs to be treated with a good quality timber sealer to maintain its durability and appearance.

shed prices nz. a photo of a shed nz on a pricing page about small shed prices

Small Sheds

2.50m x 1.20m or

2.50m x 1.80m

Image of small sheds nz. A painted eco friendly wooden garden shed

Ideal for wood sheds, pool pumps or garden tools.

1.2x 2.5 Kit set price $2445  incl Floor

1.8 x 2.5 Kit set price $3035  incl Floor

Medium Sheds

2.50m x 2.40m or

2.50m x 3.00m

Ideal for sports equipment, garden tools, potting shed or a children’s playhouse

2.4 x 2.5 Kit set price $3645 incl Floor

3.0 x 2.5 Kit set price $4270 incl Floor

Large Sheds

2.50m x 4.00m

wooden sheds nz. Large Garden sheds in NZ back yard

Modular design — Have the doors on the side wall or the Gable end

Store motorbikes, quad bikes, ride-on mowers, studio/workshop

Kit set price $5235 incl Floor

Holiday Setting

Your Design

Any Size you like — All custom

You design it, we will build it or supply kit sets

Custom designed to meet your requirements

Sleepout, office, games room, studio/workshop


3.6 x 2.5

Any Size you like

All custom

A white wooden sheds nz colonial style shed with monopitch roof design

Custom designed to meet your requirements

Sleepout, office, games room, studio/workshop

Sleepout – Office – Studio

This sleepout is

7m x 3m

Custom design

Sleepout, office, games room,


Kit set incl Floor Starts at $10,820

Shed Prices NZ

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Includes Kitset + Floor
Includes Bearers + Posts = FLAT SITE
Auckland Area
Travel not included
1.2m x 2.5m$2150
1.8m x 2.5m$2570$465$4290
2.4m x 2.5m$3080$565 $5120
* 3.0m x 2.5m$3555$715$5820
* 3.6m x 2.5m$4015$755$6550
* 4.0m x 2.5m$4385$850$7045
**4.0m x 2.5m
Verandah with posts + additional height
* 4.0m x 3.0m$5225$985TBC — Please call for options
** 5.0m x 3.0m$6555$1135TBC — Please call for options
** 6m x 2.5m$6555$1135TBC — Please call for options
*** 6.0m x 3.0m$7865$1520TBC — Please call for options
*** 7.0m x 3.0m$8995$1825TBC — Please call for options
Optional Extras

Extra Fixed Glass Window $120 | Opening Window $180 | Additional Door $180|

Colonial Fixed window $150 | Colonial Opening window $210 | Colonial glass in Door $190 – All EcoSheds come standard with building paper in the walls, Gables and Roof
* Shed is supplied with double doors and 1 fixed window as standard
** Shed is supplied with double doors and 3 fixed window as standard
*** Shed is supplied with double doors and 4 fixed window as standard

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All the wood is grown in New Zealand and we manufacture the sheds right here in our factory in Browns Bay. NZ MADE

No, Changes were made to the Building Act in September 2020, to provide for a range of new building consent exemptions that cover low risk buildings that EcoSheds manufacture and build. These exemptions are designed to save building owners time and money, by not having to obtain building consent from their local council.
Under the new exemptions, Our EcoSheds can be built without needing building consent:

Sleepouts, garages, and sheds, which: – Have a floor area of up to 30m²; – Are a single-storey, detached building;

Note : It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the shed does not infringe local authority regulations.

19mm Machine Grade Tongue and Groove NZ Oregon

The Cladding is all 19mm thick, tongue and groove profile

The panels are standard 600mm and 400mm, but we can make them smaller if you require a special sized shed.

We have either Fixed pane windows or opening windows. Most people choose a few of each.

The glass comes with the shed kitset, and is all 4mm thick.

Fixed Windows –    670mm x 500mm
Opening Windows – 595mm x 460mm

Single door opening is 800mm and Double doors opening is 1600mm
The joists and 17mm plywood flooring are all treated pine.

Yes, when requested, we put Expol for insulation in the walls and then we Line the walls with a nice 12mm untreated plywood on the inside.

Generally we say about 1 day for the standard 4m shed but you should be allowing 2 days for a 6m or bigger with a timber floor. The construction process of your new shed is better managed with 2 people for safety and making life easy.

Yes you can, if it is going to be a new concrete slab just for the shed, call us for the exact measurements.

If you want to put the shed on an existing driveway then we recommend some bearers down first under the floor so it stays nice and dry.

It’s a natural product, and looks great! The EcoSheds are nice, dry and warm so everything stays dry and no condensation on the inside. The walls all come standard with building paper to keep out any condensation.

Yes. Our Ecosheds are all modular design so you can choose the door and window location when ordering.

Yes, you must stain or paint your shed to keep the timber looking nice, its a great investment so staining will add to the nice look of the shed.
NO,  can do it yourself or we can construct the floor and shed kitset for you in certain areas.
Yes, a standard size trailer is perfect if you are picking it up from our Factory. We also offer delivery nationwide. Call us for a delivery quote, this is door to door in NZ. If your shed is 6m or bigger have a chat with us about the size as you might need a slightly bigget trailer for the shed and a floor kitset
There are locking options. The external slide bolt we supply allows a padlock to be used on it or we can also provide a T handle with a lock and key for added security.
No, all the hardware comes supplied with the pack and instructions.
Yes. The shed is screwed together so that it can be disassembled and moved, or a hi-ab can relocate your shed.
Apply a good quality exterior stain or furniture oil.

Yes, all our kitsets are supplied with building paper as standard

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