The Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Shed Man Cave and Bar

An EcoSheds case study

When it comes to creating a perfect man cave and bar, the options are endless. However, one customer in Northland was looking for something that was not only functional and stylish but also eco-friendly.

That’s when they turned to EcoSheds, a company based in Auckland that designs and produces eco-friendly wooden sheds.

Endless Options for Your Shed Man Cave and Bar

The customer wanted a 5m x 3m man cave and bar that would serve as a place to entertain their guests while also providing shelter from the evening sun.

The verandah was an essential part of the design, and the customer was looking for a shed that would meet all their requirements.

The Perfect Solution for a Customer’s Northland Bach

EcoSheds was able to provide the perfect solution for the customer. They supplied a 5m x 3m EcoShed kitset with a verandah roof that the customer collected on their large trailer and took to the site.

The kitset was easy to assemble, and the customer was able to do it themselves. Once the shed was assembled, the owner attached their own bar between the verandah posts, creating the perfect man cave and bar.

The Eco-Friendly and Affordable Alternative

One of the great things about EcoSheds is that they are eco-friendly. This means that not only is the shed good for the environment, but it is also good for the customer’s wallet.

An EcoSheds designed shed can make an excellent man cave or bar at an affordable price.

Capturing Precious Water for Your Garden

The customer was also concerned about capturing precious water for their garden. Drain pipes were added from the roof to capture rainwater, which could be used to water their garden. This was an added bonus for the customer.

A Happy Customer with a Functional and Eco-Friendly Man Cave and Bar

Overall, the customer was extremely happy with their EcoShed man cave and bar. It provided the perfect place to entertain guests while also being eco-friendly and affordable.

The verandah was an essential part of the design, and it provided the perfect shelter from the evening sun. With the addition of the bar and drain pipes, the shed was not only functional but also practical.

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