Food Shack

An EcoSheds case study



The Problem

Paul wanted to set up a ‘Food Hut’ to get his sons into business. The idea was to sell food to the local students at a great student rate. The already prepared food could be heated up, if necessary, and sold as customers wanted it. Paul and his wife already had some really good ideas, and after chatting with Mike they had the plan for a really great ‘Food Hut’.

Paul needed to comply with all council regulations regarding food so that also needed to be factored into the build.

The Solution

The shed was built at our premises.  The electrician then put in a powerboard, strip lights, and power points for their fridges and microwaves.  Finally it was lined with plywood to finish the interior.  The shed was then hiabed to site where the sons eagerly stained the exterior of the Hut

The Concept

The Result :

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