Enhancing Outdoor Living with Custom Storage Sheds

An EcoSheds case study

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding tranquillity within our own homes has become increasingly important. For many homeowners, creating an inviting and functional outdoor space is a top priority. However, proper storage solutions can help this aspiration.

One such customer found themselves facing this very problem. They had a beautiful, spacious deck with a gazebo covering almost half of it, but the absence of outdoor storage made it challenging to maintain an organized and clutter-free space. EcoSheds stepped in to provide a creative and practical solution with their custom storage shed.

The Dilemma: Limited Outdoor Storage Space

The customer’s property boasted a delightful deck, perfect for relaxation and gatherings with friends and family. Unfortunately, they lacked any external storage, gradually accumulating tools, gardening equipment, and other belongings on the deck.

The gazebo, while providing shade and a comfortable seating area, also contributed to the limited space available for storage. The customer was seeking a way to add storage without sacrificing the aesthetics of their outdoor space.

Consulting with EcoSheds: Crafting the Perfect Storage Solution

Eager to resolve the customer’s storage woes, they approached EcoSheds to explore their options. A thorough discussion ensued, during which the team at EcoSheds attentively listened to the customer’s requirements and vision for the space. The primary goal was to provide accessible storage that would remain dry even during inclement weather.

The solution also needed to integrate seamlessly with the existing gazebo, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing outcome.

Designing Custom Storage Sheds for Optimal Functionality

With a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs, EcoSheds got to work on crafting custom storage sheds that would complement the gazebo while delivering maximum functionality.

The key to success was designing sheds that could be accessed from the house without exposing the customer to the elements. This allowed rainwater from the shed’s roof would flow directly into the gazebo’s gutter system, preventing any water ingress and keeping the path to the storage sheds dry.

The EcoSheds were designed with tall walls, strategically positioning the edge of the roof to overlap the gazebo. This ingenious arrangement allowed rainwater to flow naturally into the gazebo’s gutters, eliminating the need for a separate drainage system and maintaining the area’s aesthetics.

Seamless Integration and Happy Customers

The careful craftsmanship ensured that the new structures seamlessly blended with the existing gazebo and deck.

The ability to access the storage sheds directly from the house, under the protective cover of the gazebo, was a game-changer for the customer.

They could now store and retrieve their belongings without worrying about getting wet during rainy days.


The story of this customer and their successful collaboration with EcoSheds exemplifies the importance of innovative and thoughtful solutions to common problems homeowners face. By integrating custom storage sheds into their outdoor space, the customer gained valuable storage space and seamless, dry pathways to access them.

The project showcased how design ingenuity and eco-friendly practices can transform outdoor living areas into havens of organization and relaxation. As more individuals seek to optimize their living spaces, companies like EcoSheds continue to play a vital role in helping them achieve their aspirations.

With creative storage solutions and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the possibilities for improving our homes are truly limitless. So, if you find yourself struggling with storage issues in your outdoor space, consider the potential that custom wooden storage sheds can bring to your life and home.

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