Griffiths Park

The Auckland Council introduced a new pop-up garden, Griffiths Gardens. It would “…be an inviting inner-city back yard for CBD residents, workers and visitors. There would be seating, picnic tables and play equipment.”

Food Shack

Paul wanted to set up a ‘Food Hut’ to get his sons into business. The idea was to sell food to the local students at a great student rate.

Phil’s English Pub

An Englishman missing the English pub life from the old country. Phil wanted to share the ‘pub life’ with his ex-pat friends and also his new Kiwi friends by having is very own Pub in his backyard.

Caleb’s Hut

Caleb was aged 7 and desperately wanted a tree hut. It had to have a lookout deck with a slide down to the ground, and windows. Stable doors were also a must.